Le Jardin Symphonique Le Jardin Symphonique Le Jardin Symphonique Le Jardin Symphonique

Home is where one starts from. It could be on a beach, in a city or by a mountain. Wherever it may be, home provides us with comfort and peace. Not only from the elements but also from the challenges we face daily. It replenishes our bodies, reinvigorates our hearts, and recharges our minds.

At Le Jardin Symphonique, located in Lashibi and within earshot of the pristine Sakumono Lagoon and Celebrity Golf Club, you will find a safe haven amongst playground, gated compounds, grand private lots, and much more. Whether you are a poet or warrior, each house is so meticulously built so that you can mold it into your dream home. You worked hard, so come home to Le Jardin Symphonique, rest your head, and feel the soft hum of life’s tranquil symphony.

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